When you have nothing to say…

…it’s usually best to say nothing. But that’s not the way the world seems to work anymore. Every day more and more systems pop up to enable people to share their monosyllabic grunts with each other.
Twitter is my biggest bone of contention. It’s like facebook status without the rest of facebook. And what is the point of that? And what seems even more pointless about twitter is that it doesn’t make any money at all – despite several rounds of funding – it seems to have no future value. And yet it has millions of users. It seems to me that if it people had to pay to use it, then almost no-one would.
If something has value, then people are willing to pay for it. So in social networking, what exactly is valuable? And is social networking as we know it now aptly named? The main systems that are available place all their emphasis on the individual. That’s not really social, now is it. I think that eventually all of these systems will collapse on themselves in a whorl of mindless babble. Something new will emerge from the rubble – something that actually IS social. More on that later.