This is not a blog

Of course it isn’t – that’s why it’s called the anti blog. Because a blog is supposed to have some kind of regularity of posting. This is definitely not a blog.

But of course, I do have a place where I blog. At first I hesitated to join my personal blog with my professional site, but in the end I decided that as writing is something I hope to capitalise on more on in the future, then it only makes sense to link the two.

And in fact, I’ve just received my first “payment” for some writing I’ve done. It’s very rewarding to be paid for your efforts. In the same way that it’s very frustrating to do commissioned work and then not get paid for it.

I guess it all comes down to motivation. It’s important to have motivation for your work. And sometimes you need to give other people some motivation in order to pay you. I must present a persuasive argument. But in the end, it often comes down to honesty.

This is a vague and confusing little post, I know. But the upshot of this is that I want to leave you with this: Be honest in your dealings with others. Have integrity in your professional conduct. Avoid people who have neither. And if you can’t – and if you don’t find out until afterwards, don’t let them get away with it.