The creaky topstep

We’ve got the worlds most horrible carpet. It’s a persian blend of red, brown and black, and it’s truly offensive to most people’s eyes. Even the cat spends hours trying to rip it up.

After 6 years of living in this house, we are finally going to get rid of it and have the floors sanded and sealed.

It’s funny how you live with things that need fixing for so long just because they are familiar. After a while you don’t even notice them, until you have to apologise for their horrendous offensiveness. Or until you go away for a month and come back to discover just how much more bright and offensive the carpet has become while you were away.

So with persian carpet in mind, I’d like to apologise for the teeny css glitches all over this site. They’ve been there so long, as each new browser is released I keep thinking that I must fix them. And yet I live with them.

Maybe I’ll redo the entire site. Next year. I’ll hire a sander and scrub the code back to the bare boards.

The only worry then is – what if I end up living with bare boards for a few years? 

Only time can bring the answer to that.