Spring cleaning

One of the best things about living in England is spring. It’s one of a small handful of wonderful natural miracles. Whereas in Australia my favourite season was always autumn, over here that’s a wet and and miserable season. But spring is truly wonderful. After a grey and sodden winter to see the masses of different bulbs bursting up from underground in kaleidoscpic carpets is such a blues buster.
Right now we’re in Feburary – the self confessed worst month of the year here. Which is awful for me, being an Aquarian. I long to get back to the other side of the globe where my birth month is not the dregs of the year!
But in my garden the snowdrops are blooming resolutely, and we are having bright sunny cold days. It’s almost pleasant!
The point of this post however, is to leak some news! We are now planning to move back to Sydney. After ten long years here, I am finally going to get some warmth back into the old bones! The next few months will be a flurry of action we hope.
In terms of my work however, nothing will change. Haul the trusty G5 overseas (do you think they’ll accept it as hand luggage??) and plug it in. Isn’t the virtual world wonderful?
I am thinking of getting a skype phone number for this purpose, so that I can retain a london phone number for clients over here and in Europe. Of course you can always call me by my skype name if you have skype too.
The move is tentatively planned for August. Things may change, although I hope they don’t.
Anyway, stay tuned, or contact me if you have any questions!