Holiday? What holiday?

After 6 weeks of rain, wind and cloud, the girls are finally back at school. I did expect a sudden outbreak of sunshine, but it’s still holding off.
That’s something we’ve seen so little of this summer – and last – that I am beginning to wonder why on earth I am still living in this country. Winter is wet and sleety (without decent snow) and summer actually forgets to arrive. Where are the upsides?
Two weeks of normal work/school and then we’re again off for a week. This will be our real vacation. We’ll be in Tuscany for a week with my parents. I have put an advanced request in for sun for this week. As we’ll be in Italy rather than England I am far more hopeful!
I have been working a lot more over the holidays than I expected, including working on some potential government work for a pitch with another agency.
I’ve got a lot to get through in the next two weeks, then after our week off I’ll be taking another week off following surgery. So if you’ve got anything coming up do let me know, but I won’t be free to take on new work until the first week of October.