facebook and rambling on

I joined facebook the other day. Finally. Now that it’s old hat, I am still uncool. I am not an early adopter on this one.
Actually, it’s not as bad as I thought. I was under the impression that facebook is another myspace. But when it comes down to it, most of my friends in facebook are people I know in real life. Some of them have their real face as an avatar. Some of them even post up interesting things.
But there is an overload of naff applications – someone turned me into a vampire, and others keep sending me drinks. (If only they were real.) I quite like the “where i’ve been” map, and of course, lolcats is a quality addition, with its exlemplary exlempelary excellent grammar.
I updated my “about me” bit today, and like most things I write, I thought it, I wrote it, and I hit save. I didn’t edit or reread or do any of those things that good writing should be subjected to. It comes out like verbal spew (this is my phrase of the week, and I am GOING to get my money’s worth with it). But actually… I thought it was kinda good. In a fast, summarised sort of way.
And so…
here ’tis.
I was born a long time ago (37 years ago to be not quite that exact). I had a fun packed childhood and grew to adulthood learning a few things along the way.
I first went nightclubbing when I was 17 with carefully doctored ID, and threw up in the toilet after too many kahluas. I am still not quite sure how my pocket money stretched that far.
I was a dag at school. My best friends got a perm and went off with the cool kids, so I joined the chess club. But I never played chess.
The best teacher I ever had was Dr Denise Cole. She died from breast cancer, but she changed a lot of people’s worlds for the better in the time she lived.
I went to university at Newcastle. I am not 100% sure what I learned there, but a lot of it involved popular culture, and some of it included how to drink beer. While I was there I joined the army reserves to piccolo, and spent more time perfecting the art of drinking beer.
After graduating I avoided getting a real job by almost joining the army and playing music full time for a year.
I once got concussion on a bedhead in the navy barracks at randwick. No, I wasn’t doing what you think I was doing.
When the army told me I’d need to join properly, I promptly left and starting working in the design industry. If you can call drawing lawnmower icons with rotring pens for business cards design.
Some time later, I found myself working at the sydney opera house with kylie. We had a fantastic time, and not a lot of work was done. The flock of penguins I saw one night was pretty impressive though. I’d fire me, if I knew what I got up to.
I was offered a job in Auckland, so I turned them down. They promptly offered more money, so I went. This was as good time, since I’d just broken up with a guy for the second time (it’s never a good idea to retread old ground!) and I needed to get far away. It wasn’t very far, but he couldn’t swim very well so it worked.
Later I went to London via Japan. Somehow I ended up staying here. It’s been eleven years now, and I still hate the weather. But I got married, and we bought a house, and we had kids.
Now I spend my days building websites and making posters for the PTA. Today I am makig a paper mache unicorn.
I still dream though.