Browsers, a love hate relationship

Well, the new site design is finally live (as you can see). And boy did it take a long time to get this working in different browsers! I think Internet Explorer should be put to death with extreme predjudice!
One of the main reasons that it’s been so tricky was that the actual layout is pretty complex. But I wanted it to work completely even when all css was stripped away.
Getting everything working and standards compliant in Firefox and Safari was pretty easy. And then all of a sudden, it died in Internet Explorer. A nasty little floating element bug afflictin IE6 nearly got teh better of me! The minute I got it working in IE, it suddenly threw a wobbly in Safari.
Actually, there are are still a couple of pages afflicted by that bug – this one being one of them I believe! But right now my G5 and the PC are under plastic wrap, as the kitchen is being redone, and I am working from the laptop. So if you see a box floating somewhere over on the right hand side that looks like it’s lost, then that’s the bug!
One of the main ideas behind the current layout was to then create a lot of alternate styles for it, some to be quite different in the layout. But since no-one is paying me to play with my own site, so that might take a while to happen!