Borked in IE6

Yes, it would appear that I just borked the site in Internet Explorer 6 by editing the style switcher script. So if you try and click the style changing icons on the right and get a runtime error, then you can totally blame me. That means if you don’t like this new style – right now you’re stuck.
I am sure I could find a way around this eventually, but it’s going to stay this way for now. Internet Explorer is the bane of my life when it comes to getting stylesheets working, and now it’s decided it wont play with my scripts either.
I spent a good several hours trying to solve some peekaboo bugs, creeping text bugs and shifting/jumping text bugs with a combination of hasLayout tricks. With the styleswitcher I don’t have the choice of using conditional comments unless they can apply to ALL styles. Why didn’t they create a version of conditional comment that can be used in a stylesheet?
Oh, and the search page is missing the top navigation. I’ll fix that 🙂 Tomorrow.