Bamboo is amazing

Well, I have finished the Emperor Hammocks (check that spelling!) website, and I am really pleased with the way the mambo shopping module has worked out. The site itself isn’t one that needs the dynamic engine of mambo behind it, but the mambo phpshop module that is available made it worthwhile.

I am liking Mambo more and more as I use it – it makes it much easier to get the look and feel of the site to be unique, and not a production line clone that matches every other mambo site. The software is well thought out, and the administration area quite intuitive once you’ve worked with it for a while. Althought that sounds like a tortology of sorts.

And in case you’re interested in Hammocks, these are pretty brilliant. Created from one single length of bamboo, it starts off solid, and is divided, woven, and then returned to the solid state. Don’t understand that? Check it out!
Oh, and they also have bowls and plant baskets at the moment, but look out for more interesting pieces, as they’ve just got back from a shopping spree overseas.