back up over

I presume it’s ok for me to call the northern hemisphere “up over”? Having just come home from being down under? I could start a new craze with that.
I didn’t announce that we’d gone on holiday for a month prior to doing so (imagine the really high tech burglers, searching for empty homes to burgle via the interweb, eh?). But we spent a lovely month in the warm sunshine with my parents. The girls had a fantastic time, Santa managed to find his way there and even climb down a chimney. Or maybe it was an exhaust fan. Either way we didn’t really want to come home to London’s cold miserable winter. But we did.
Have you ever spent 23 hours on a plane with two children under 5? Pass the valium please. I believe you can get child valium, that in itself is a the scariest concept going.
So it’s back to work *sigh* and back to sleet and rain. But if you, like me, enjoy the warmer climes, then check out the latest project I’ve completed – A bit of mediteranean sunshine can’t hurt!