Heartsease Reservation Requests

Booking calendar can be found below. Please note that our prices have changed for 2023, and that electricity is now included in the price and does not need to be calculated.

To make a booking reservation at Heartsease, please select the date(s) you’d like to book the house and grounds and give us some initial details about your unit/group. When selecting dates select ALL days you wish to book for.

Available dates are white, and can be requested. Dates which are coloured are either confirmed booked or requested but not confirmed and cannot be requested on this page.

After submitting your reservation, you should see a message on this page letting you know that the request has been sent, and you will then receive a follow up email with links to the relevant forms and deposit information to so that you can confirm your reservation. This is an automated email, and will be sent immediately.

If you do not receive that automated email within 1 hour of sending your booking request, please contact us on the email below or phone the booking secretary – Alison Harrison – on 07801 481 640. 

If you do not receive your confirmation email and do not confirm your booking with a deposit, then the key holder will not be aware of your booking. Please ensure that you use the correct form for bookings and payments. Do not make payments on booking forms or old payment forms.

It’s always possible that a date that is marked as booked can be booked a second time, depending on the times that the first booking has requested. If a date that you’d really like to book is already marked as booked, please do  get in touch with us to see if both bookings can be accommodated.

If you have any questions before booking, or want to enquire about double booking, please email the bookings secretary  on heartsease.bookings@gmail.com

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